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The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) earlier this month published its Quarterly Economic Survey, the findings of the survey indicate skills shortages are reaching critical levels.

Dr Adam Marshall, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce, said:

’Labour and skills shortages are set to be the biggest potential drag anchor on business in 2018, since ultimately it is people that make businesses work. Business itself must do more – by training and investing wherever possible in people’’

We know that happy staff means retained staff, Training that helps each employee grow their skills and knowledge to better perform their current job. The opportunity for development also increases employee loyalty, and thus retention, and helps you attract the best possible employees.

By training and up-skilling your workforce, businesses can benefit from:

  • a healthier workforce − higher levels of training correlate with better health and wellbeing
  • reduced absence from sickness or stress related illness
  • productivity
  • retention of staff
  • strengthening your team and increasing staff morale
  • success − companies that invest in training are more likely to succeed

The way modern business is conducted and implemented has changed dramatically in recent decades with the flexibility that technological advances offers. This coupled with how companies facilitate modern work force demands to achieve a better work/life balance such as flexible working hours and reduction of commuters has led to increase in remote working across multiple sites or from home.

This however, has clashed with traditional and development delivery. The positive effect that high standards of training and development has on the workforce in terms of increased moraleproductivity and retention is well researched and accepted and can be the difference between failure and success. Businesses have had to be creative to fulfil their work force needs and potential, blended learning has emerged as a favourable delivery style for many leading companies.

Dates Course Location Price
19th-23rd February 2018 IRCA 9001:2015 Lead Auditor 5 day Course Birmingham £1,195.00
28th February 2018 ISO 9001:2015 Awareness Birmingham £390.00
1st-2nd March 2018 ISO 9001:2015 2 Day internal Auditor Course Birmingham £625.00
19th-24th March 2018 IRCA iso 9001:2015 Lead AUditor 5 Day course London £1195.00
5th-6th april 2018 ISo 9001:2015 2 Day internal auditor course London £625.00
10th-11th april 2018 ISO 14001:2015 2 day internal auditor course London £625.00
23rd-27th april 2018 IRCA iso 9001:2015 5 Day lead auditor course Birmingham £1195.00
1st may 2018 ISO 9001:2015 awareness Birmingham £390.00

The accessibility and flexibility of distance learning is backed up by the knowledge and experience of tutors in face to face teaching Learners have the resources to apply the knowledge gained through personal interaction avoiding miscommunication and interpretations.

THINK BEYOND TOMORROW will be the greatest likelihood of you achieving your business objectives – look to be closing your skill gaps and get your workforce ready to face existing and future demands. See how Temple can support to develop your workforce skills, whatever the career stage:


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