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Temple QMS Helps ‘Dreams Come True’


Temple Management Training Limited supports a variety of industries within the sector of business management systems. This spans across a vast range including quality, safety, information, security and environmental.

As a result of valuable experience in this industry, Temple is fully aware of the personal career aspirations individuals strive to achieve, whilst understanding that organisations also aspire to accomplish their goals. In order to achieve these Temple is well equipped and more than happy to aid this successful career ladder progression by providing exceptional, essential training.

Monika Mierzwinska came to Temple Management Training Limited as a transfer from a similar training organisation in order to enhance her learning. Monika’s goal was to progress at work in numerous fields and felt she needed the correct background and education to achieve this. Temple encourages this kind of strategic career development and believes it is integral for success.

Monika explicitly stated when she began her training that she wanted to not only just expand her level of quality knowledge but to also ‘mean something in the world’. For her, this meant helping others and taking on a leading role at a company in the future.

Monika has since advanced and became a Quality Manager at STERIS, a leading provider of infection prevention products and services in the sector of pharmaceutical and medical device customers, a world-wide organisation with a division based in Reading.

Upon reflection, Monika explains that it was this accredited knowledge which has proved indispensable within her career progression, not just simply regarding content knowledge but the repertoire of skills acquired from the learning process. This includes confidence when engaging with customers, especially as English is not Monika’s first language. However, this did not stand in the way of Monika’s unquestionable success and career development, which she credits to Temple.



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