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Nearly £2M to be given to tech start-ups to power up the transport revolution

Transport funding

Creative start-ups will be given a share of £1.95 million to see their ideas to revolutionise transport brought to life, Transport Minister Trudy Harrison has announced. 

Past winners of the Transport Research and Innovation Grants include a purifying system to lower virus transmission on trains, a portable charger for use at remote locations and a battery cooling system.

Harrison said: “Backing innovation is a priority for us and I’m delighted to be supporting Britain’s budding entrepreneurs, as they help us to ensure people can travel at ease and to solve the complex task of decarbonising our transport system.

“This is vital as we look ahead to a greener and safer transport future that will create jobs right across the UK.”

Now in its 11th round of funding, the Transport Research and Innovation Grant brings together talented start-ups – mainly SMEs and universities – and policymakers at the earliest stages of innovation.

By issuing targeted investments of up to £30,000 for each project, the fund aims to help budding start-ups and academics propel their ideas to market quicker.


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