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Quality conscience for World Quality Week 2022

Quality conscience for World Quality Week 2022

World Quality Week is an annual campaign celebrated by the CQI, which raises awareness of the quality management profession globally. This year, from 7-11 November, its focus will be on quality conscience.

Increasingly, organisations are expected to expand their scope of responsibility and to do the right thing, not only for the shareholder/taxpayer, customers and staff, but the environment and society at large. This demand for businesses to use conscience in their decision making at every level creates more difficult ethical dilemmas.

Quality management is not only about designing and improving the quality of product and service, but also about the methods organisations employ to deliver them to customers and stakeholders across their value stream. This year’s World Quality Week theme provides an opportunity to reflect on how corporate culture and conscience can help or hinder an organisation to make decisions and ‘do the right thing’ for all stakeholders.

About World Quality Week

Previously, the CQI devoted one day in November for its world quality celebration. Since November 2021, the CQI has moved to a week-long campaign.

World Quality Week Programme

The CQI will be running a series of webinars across World Quality Week. Watch this space to find out more.




7 November

11:00 GMT 

Creating positive social impact

9 November

14:00 GMT 

Selecting the right quality tool and the pitfalls of when you don’t

10 November  

10:00 GMT 

Protecting vulnerable consumers: how organisations are delivering positive outcomes when people need it most


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