In today’s unpredictable world, it’s more important than ever to maintain tight control of your processes, resources and costs to survive, let alone thrive. Total quality related costs may be as much as 10% to 40% of sales revenue for an average company.

A large proportion of these often arise from poor work and control, resulting in an avoidable hit on your bottom line. The Cost of Quality is a vital performance indicator for any business. However, the construction sector offers its own unique challenges, especially with the current labour and materials shortages, making tight control critical to success.

Meeting the requirements of customer demand, with the pressure of increasing costs, leading to lower margins can become an intense pressure for organisations to thrive.

In this free whitepaper for the construction industry created by Laura Chalkley and Bob Hughes, we show you how the Cost of Quality is not the price of creating a quality product or service. It's the cost of NOT creating a quality product or service.

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