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AS/EN 9001:2016 Awareness & Internal Auditor Course – 2 day

AS/EN 9001:2016 Awareness & Internal Auditor Course – 2 day

This 2-day course provides a comprehensive awareness of the new AS/EN 9001:2016.  It will support delegates to develop the necessary skills to assess and report on the conformance, and implementation of processes, based on 9100:2016.

  • Awareness of ISO AS/EN 9001:2016
  • How robust management systems and audits help businesses manage their risks
  • Importance of process, procedure and auditable trails
  • The responsibilities of an auditor
  • How to plan your audit
  • How to carry out your audit
  • Gathering of objective evidence through observation, interviewing and sampling of documents
  • Evaluating audit findings and determining conformity, nonconformity and effectiveness of management systems
  • How to construct the audit report and document audit findings accurately
  • What corrective action is and who is responsible for taking action


  • Those looking to gain the knowledge on how to manage the clauses of AS/EN 9001:2016
  • Internal auditors – New and Existing
  • Quality Professional and Project Managers
  • Those who manage the risk and opportunity within Quality in their organisation
  • Those who already work as an auditor but need a refresher
  • Those interested in understanding how they fit into Quality within their business
  • Those starting their career in quality management


  • Increased awareness
  • Be ahead of the game
  • Enhance your company’s reputation
  • Enhanced knowledge of AS9100 requirements
  • Establish site awareness of the changes
  • Formal training reduces potential time wasting costs
  • Create awareness of risk & opportunity, risk based thinking
  • Any transition concerns explained and discussed

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