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FD105 – ​Introduction to Product and Service Management

FD105 – ​Introduction to Product and Service Management

This course provides awareness of the fundamental tools, techniques and structured methodologies for Product and Service Management across a broad range of organisational contexts and the capability to participate as a member of a team in the application of the key tools.

FD105 ​​Product and Service Management
Level: Foundation
Course duration: 16 hours indicative (4 Weeks)

Classroom Based (2 days) or Distance Learning Course 
*Minimum of 4 delegates for In-House Training


Who is it for?
Foundation courses are designed specifically for individuals who are new to quality, or who work in other functions or professions.

Indicative course content

  • Benefits of product and service management, quality planning and relationship to ISO 9001 and IATF 16949
  • Introduction to the product lifecycle stages and methodology
  • Role of the Product/Service Manager
  • Introduction to market analysis, benchmarking, and understanding customer requirements

Innovation stage process:

  • Stage process (methodology)
  • Idea generation, screening and product/service selection
  • Product/service requirements document
  • Business review process
  • Stakeholder management

Concept stage process:

  • Stage process (methodology)
  • Writing a business case
  • Critical success factors (CSF)
  • Product/service forecast and trend analysis
  • Cost and value analysis

Development stage process:

  • Stage process (methodology)
  • Introduction to prototyping, piloting and evaluation methods
  • Introduction to quality function deployment
  • Introduction to quality planning for the supply chain

Launch stage process:

  • Stage process (methodology)
  • Introduction to launch planning

Production/Service Stage process:

  • Stage process (methodology)
  • Role of process management and continual improvement

Withdrawal stage processes:

  • Stage process (methodology)