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ConstructTuition Training courses

ConstructTuition Training courses


Quality Training to the Construction Industry 


The training is engaging and interactive, it will be memorable and help improve your team’s quality culture.


Each one of the courses below takes one day and is delivered online and in person by ConstructTuition, an associate partner of Temple QMS. 


We Focus on 3 layers of training. 


1. Culture of Quality Management– How to setup the right Culture for Success


This course is designed for the Leadership team of the Company, either starting a new programme of works or reviewing how effective their current quality management system is.   


  • How to improve the culture in your organisation.
  • Why we need processes, 
  • The Difference between Quality Management, Quality Assurance and Quality Control. 
  • Continuous improvement, what it looks like at a project and portfolio level.  


2. Quality Assurance – Plans and Processes

This course is designed for the Mid-level leaders, Project Managers, Site Agents and the Engineers on the Projects. It includes Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs), and Managing Non Conformance Reporting (NCRs).


3. Quality Control Inspecting Skills 

Combating Common Issues and Errors. This course is designed for those inspecting the works, engineers, forepersons, placement students, apprentices.  


It is based on construction activities, such as Reinforced concrete, Drainage, Piling and Foundations etc, 


We have a list for you to choose from but we can also tailor this to our clients needs, as part of their ongoing training requirements or as a preventative action to issues encountered.


This training has a proven track record of reducing errors by up to 75%, saving businesses large amounts of money and improving their productivity. 


Our Experience 

After 18 years in the construction industry, we have in-depth knowledge of best practice and the practical quality issues on site. We are passionate about helping and educating others to improve their skills. Providing a first class quality approach for the construction projects our clients deliver.


The courses we provide are different, practical and memorable. The learning outcomes can be applied the very next day, improving your business. The consultancy service and support provided comes from years of successful experience.