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FD102 – Introduction to Problem Solving

FD102 – Introduction to Problem Solving

This course should provide understanding of the fundamental tools, techniques and structured methodologies for problem solving. Delegates should leave the course with the capability to participate as a member of a problem-solving team in the application of the key tools within a small scope business problem or task, enabling them to support the development of robust and sustainable solutions.

Course Details

FD102 Introduction to Problem Solving
Level: Foundation
Course duration: 2 Days indicative 16 hours (4 Weeks)

Classroom Based or Distance Learning Course*
*Minimum of 4 delegates for In-House Training


Who is it for?

CQI and IRCA Certified foundation level courses are designed specifically for professionals who are new to quality, or for those that work in other functions who require a basic understanding of key quality topics.

Indicative Course Content 

  • Problem definition, scope. (Is/Is Not, Description structures, customer/stakeholder requirements)
  • Understanding how to gather data about customer requirements using focus groups, face to face interviews, questionnaires, interviews and observation
  • Risk identification and key tools for risk analysis (Risk register, risk matrix, PDPC and FMEA)
  • Working as a team member with the following tools:
    Tools to understand current conditions (flowcharts, check sheets, stratification, Pareto charts)
  • Tools for root cause analysis (cause/effect Diagram, 5Whys)
    Solution generation (selection matrices)
  • Evaluation of solutions (PDCA & risk assessment)
  • Implementation of solutions (standardisation, monitoring, follow up)

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Once CQI has checked the proctoring recording, your overall exam result and mark, results and exam marks by section, date exam was submitted, date result was issued, and exam language will be sent from SARAS to CQI. Your trainer provider will download your result from CQI’s portal and inform you of the outcome. If malpractice is suspected, your training provider may need to support the CQI in investigating this. In such circumstances, additional data may be shared with your training provider including the duration of your exam, the time of your exam and images from your exam video recording.
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How will you store my personal data?
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All proctoring personal data processed by ExcelSoft will be stored securely for 90 days to allow any queries, appeals, special consideration requests or malpractice investigations to be dealt with. ExcelSoft will delete this personal data after 90 days unless otherwise requested by CQI.
CQI will only ask ExcelSoft to retain your data for a longer period than stated in this Privacy Notice if we need it to deal with a complaint, an appeal, a special consideration request, a malpractice investigation or if we believe there is a prospect of a legal claim connected to your personal data.
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