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ISO 14001:2015 Lead Auditor Course – 5 Days

ISO 14001:2015 Lead Auditor Course – 5 Days



The aim of this 5 day course is to provide delegates with the knowledge and skills required to perform first, second and third-party audits of environmental management systems against ISO 14001, in accordance with ISO 19011 and ISO 17021, as applicable.

Course Details


Develop the knowledge and skill required to conduct a full audit of an organization’s Environmental Management System (EMS) to ISO 14001:2015. To gain the confidence to effectively audit an EMS in accordance with internationally recognised best practice techniques.

The course provides delegates the skills and confidence to plan, conduct, report and follow up EMS audits.

The course is built around a central case study that simulates a site audit, giving delegates practical experience in tackling audit tasks. Workshops, discussions, and interactive tutorials cover important topics.

Delegates achieve certification through a combination of continuous assessment during the course and a 2-hour examination.

  • Those responsible carrying out environmental system audits
  • Internal auditors – New and Existing
  • Experienced quality auditors who want to audit environmental management systems and who need to show professional competence in this subject.
  • Managers who will have to evaluate the outcome of internal EMS audits
  • Those who manage the risk and opportunity within Environment in their organization
  • Those who already work as an auditor but need a refresher
  • Identify the key requirements and benefits of ISO 14001:2015
  • Prepare conduct and follow up on ISO 14001:2015 audit activities
  • Write factual audit reports and suggest corrective actions
  • Produce professional audit reports and justify cases for corrective action and improvement
  • Access the latest auditor techniques 

What each Learner should know before completing this course:


The CQI and IRCA states that delegates are expected to have the following prior knowledge before attending this course:-

Management systems
The Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) cycle
 The core elements of a management system and the interrelationship between top management responsibility, policy, objectives, planning, implementation, measurement, review, and continual improvement.
Environmental management
The intended outcomes of an environmental management system:
• Enhancement of environmental performance
• Fulfilment of compliance obligations
• Achievement of environmental objectives.

ISO 14001

An understanding of the requirements of ISO 14001 and the commonly used
environmental management terms and definitions, which may be gained by completing an Introduction to audit ISO 14001 EMS Training course or equivalent.

Course ID reference number: 2469

Printed Copy of ISO 14001:2015

Each participant should have a printed copy of the standard to reference while completing this course. Loan copies can only be made available in classroom sessions. 

2022 exam changes

From Monday 7th November 2022, The New CQI and IRCA Exam framework will be in effect. 

Lead Auditor Exams

Exam duration: 1hr 45 minutes

Total number of items: 40

Total marks available: 80

Learners must achieve the minimum pass mark for each domain and an overall score of 40 marks (50%)

Open book exam. Learners will require access to the relevant ISO standards (electronic or paper copy permitted).


This course is certified by CQI and IRCA (the Chartered Quality Institute and the International Register of Certificated Auditors)
Due to changes announced by CQI and IRCA we must make you aware that:
As a registered charity, the CQI is subject to the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR), a UK law that gives you certain rights with respect to your personal data that is shared with the Institute.
In order to accurately record the delegates that they are certifying, CQI and IRCA now require that we provide them with your contact details (name, surname and email address).
We have been assured by CQI and IRCA that delegate data will be handled and stored confidentially and securely, and that any marketing communications between CQI and IRCA and you will be limited to the promotion of CQI and IRCA and their qualifications programmes, and that this will be strictly on an opt-in basis.
To exercise your GDPR rights, you must contact the CQI either directly or through Temple Management Training Limited unless you are located in a European Union country when you must contact the CQI’s EU representative – IT Governance Europe Limited at Please ensure you reference ‘CQI’ in any correspondence you send to their representative.