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New Course for 2020

PT210 Quality in Construction

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PT210 Quality in Construction

This course has been developed in partnership with the CQI’s Construction Special Interest Group (ConSig). It introduces learners to practical tools and good practice approaches to managing quality in construction at all stages of the project lifecycle.

Who is it for?
It has been developed to equip Quality Professionals working within the construction industry with the knowledge and skills required to contribute to their organisation’s achievement of ‘right first time’.
It is also suitable for other personnel who need to have a better understanding of the application of quality in construction.
Upon successful completion of the course, learners will have the capability to participate in the integration of quality to all stages of the Construction Project Lifecycle.

Course content
This is a 2-day course for Quality in Construction and a supporting Construction Project Quality Lifecycle and covers the following topics:

1. The importance of Quality in Construction
2. Planning
Construction Project Life Cycle
Management planning for construction projects against contractual requirements
Information Management
Project Quality Control
3. Delivery
Technical Assurance
Managing Project Change
Site Inspection & Surveillance
Client liaison and handover

Recommended prior knowledge
A basic knowledge of the construction industry and an awareness of the role of quality is required.

Required reading
Construction Project Lifecycle Diagram and Sample Inspection and Test Plan (provided by Temple).

This course includes a one-hour multiple choice examination.

Further development for Quality Professionals, a pathway has been identified by the ConSig’s Competency Working Group. Quality Professionals can achieve a Practitioner Certificate in Construction Quality Management by successfully completing the ConSig’s preferred CQI and IRCA Certified Courses.
The Practitioner Certificate in Construction Quality Management is made up of the following courses totalling 19-days which can lead to Chartered Membership of the CQI, dependent on evidence of experience:

Foundation level course
FD103 – Introduction to Risk Management (2-days)
Practitioner level courses
PT202 – Managing Process Performance (3-days)
PT203 – Managing Management Systems (3-days)
PT204 – Managing Change and Continual Improvement (3-days)
PT205 – Managing Problem Solving (3-days)
PT206 – Managing Supply Chains (3-days)
PT210 – Quality in Construction (2-days)

To ensure the required standard is achieved, all Practitioner level modules include a one-hour multiple choice examination.

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