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CILT (UK) Level 5 Professional Diploma in Logistics & Transport

CILT (UK) Level 5 Professional Diploma in Logistics & Transport

Temple Management Training Ltd is a Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT(UK)) approved centre for the delivery of CILT(UK) qualifications.

Temple provides a responsive and flexible approach, using the expertise and experience of the members of staff from City College, Birmingham who have between them well over 20 years’ experience of delivering these qualifications, together with many years of relevant industrial and business experience.

Temple Management Training Ltd offers a range of logistics courses to cater for all levels.

Course Details

What is the CILT(UK) Diploma?

It is a qualification designed to equip and develop senior managers with the skills relevant to a career within the supply chain and transport field and to encourage improved strategic and operational effectivenes

Who is the CILT(UK) Diploma intended for?
  • New or first-line managers

  • Aspiring first-line supervisors

  • Experienced supervisors and first line managers

  • Career changers

What does it cover?

Core Units (compulsory)
Business Theory
Business Application

Elective Units (chose 1)
Supply Chain Operation


Freight Transport Operations

What Entry Qualifications do I need?

This qualification is open access and no prior qualifications are required. However, it is recommended that individuals wishing to undertake the CILT(UK) Certificate should be involved with contributing to the establishment of activity plans to support logistics and transport operations and managing and controlling operational activities.

How and where do I study?

The Level 3 Certificate course is currently run as distance learning only. Because we run the course on a modular basis, there is flexibility about when you can join. A personal tutor is allocated to you with unlimited access by email and phone. One to one meetings at our Training Centre can also be arranged as required by the learner

How long does the course take?

The full course is designed for a nominal length of study of 240 hours; this will normally be 3 hours one evening a week for two years for a classroom-based option. The distance learning gives flexibility (with tutor support by email and telephone), the timescale depending on what time you are able to devote to personal study.

Can I study individual units?

Yes – you can study just the individual units that are relevant and of interest to you.

Upon successful completion of the unit you will gain the Certificate for that Unit.


The Certificate is part of a series of qualifications at Certificate level, which are each targeted at slightly different markets. On Completion of the Certificate the following progression routes could apply:

  • CILT(UK) Professional Diploma

  • Thereafter progression to higher level qualifications.