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8D Problem Solving

8D Problem Solving

This 2-day course comprises a comprehensive programme of problem-solving/continuous improvement tools and techniques. The content is delivered through a series of presentation slides and a variety of interactive, team-based participant activities.

Course Details

The key objectives are to enhance the participants’ existing knowledge and skills to enable them to become more effective at problem-solving and continuous improvement within their work process. The aim is that by the end of the course, a participant will understand:

  • Why it is necessary to solve problems
  • A methodical process for problem-solving, i.e. 8D
  • The benefits of using a team approach
  • How a variety of useful tools and techniques are used during 8D
  • The importance of identifying the root cause(s) of a problem
  • The importance of corrective action as a key output of 8D



This course is appropriate for those personnel who potentially will be ‘owners’ of a problem and hence, will lead and manage the activity from start to finish.


  • Start 09:00 Introductions, and Review of Agenda
  • Protect the Customer / Start the Problem Solving Process|
    Emergency Response Action (ERA)

    Verification and validation activities
    Tools and techniques for quantifying the problem (e.g. tally chart, paynter chart, measles chart, pareto chart, etc.)

  • Selecting a Team
  • Describing the Problem
    Problem statement / process mapping / histogram / trend chart
  • Interim Containment Action
  • End 16:30 End of Day 1


  • Start 09:00 Root Cause Analysis
    Comparative analysis / brainstorming / fishbone chart / 5-whys / scatter chart
  • Developing and Implementing Permanent Corrective Actions
    Developing solutions / selection matrix / action plan
  • Preventing Recurrence of the Problem
    Application to other products / processes
    Procedure and system changes
  • Completing the Problem Solving Activity
  • End 16:30 Course Review & Closing Summary