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IMS Internal Auditor


Duration: 2 Days

Join our 2 day Internal Auditor course on Integrated Management Systems – Safety, Health, Environment & Quality. Implementation of IMS can facilitate progress towards increased competitiveness, leading to increased profit, more efficient processes, reduced costs, reduce liabilities and an improved image.
Identify reasons for and benefits and risks of having SHEQ management systems.
How Internal Audits have a role in assuring management systems are compliant.
Understand how to plan, prepare and deliver an audit.
Understand how to conduct audit opening and closing meetings plus follow up on any actions.

Who is this for?
All level of Management, consultants, internal auditors etc.

  • Those involved in SHEQ management system development.
  • Those responsible for developing and implementing plans of auditing.
  • Those responsible for developing management system documentation.
  • Those responsible for monitoring the performance of the SHEQ system.
  • Those responsible for ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.



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27th May, 28th May 2020

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