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FD106 – ​​Introduction to Process Design

FD106 – ​​Introduction to Process Design

This course provides fundamental skills for process design, standardisation, the capability to understand customer and stakeholder requirements and define standardised processes to deliver them.

FD106 ​​​Introduction to Process Design
Level: Foundation
Course duration: 16 hours indicative (4 Weeks)

Classroom Based (2 days) or Distance Learning Course 
*Minimum of 4 delegates for In-House Training


Who is it for?
Foundation courses are designed specifically for individuals who are new to quality, or who work in other functions or professions.

Indicative course content

  • Introduction to process thinking and its place in ISO 9001
  • Tools for understanding the voice of the customer (Kano model, surveys, interviews)
  • Gathering stakeholder, regulatory, legislative, compliance and standards related requirements
  • A method to design/define a process
  • Key tools in process definition: SIPOC, flowchart
  • Defining measure of process performance (CTQ Trees and operational definition)
  • Supply chains and customers in supply chains
  • A method to standardise a process
  • Key tools in process standardisation: for example, e.g. SOPs, Visual Aids, 5S
  • Process design/definition applied in continual and step change improvement activities